The world would be a very different place without this Indian Ocean island nation.

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Because of the unique geological formation of Madagascar, more than 80 percent of its species are found nowhere else on Earth. From 1999 to 2010, scientists discovered more than 600 new species, including several species of the tiny mouse lemur. It’s not just the wildlife that is unique to the country, the Asian-African Malagasy population has its roots in Southeast Asia and Africa and shows influences of Arab, Indian, British, French and Chinese.

While the natural history of Madagascar is truly mind-blowing, real threats to the flora and fauna include population encroachment and poaching. Traveling through a vetted, responsible Travel Guru is key in a remote destination such as Madagascar. Logistics are challenging, infrastructure is limited and high-quality naturalist guides are crucial to experiencing the magic of Madagascar as it should be…your Travel Guru will show you the Madagascar they know intimately.

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