Perhaps it’s Mozambique’s remote location, maybe it’s the challenging and ever-changing access or it could even be the outdated reputation from its civil war years…whatever it is, Mozambique has remained well off-the-trodden-path for decades.

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Now it is becoming clear that it’s truly a sleeper hit for sun-seeking honeymooners, culture buffs, and dive aficionados (check out our Travel Gurus who specialize diving!). Navigating the ins and outs of the highly-changeable access points and visa regulations isn’t a simple process, nor is determining which is the perfect beach-front boutique resort for your discerning bride.

A Travel Guru knows the beach resorts intimately, visiting them often, as well as the smoothest connections from your safari to the coast and the best place to enjoy piri piri prawns with a sea view. From special offers just for honeymooners to private island escapes perfect for your milestone birthday, your Travel Guru will make Mozambique accessible and magical.

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