Sri Lanka

For decades Sri Lanka’s political climate kept it off international travelers’ radar, but things have changed, and quickly.

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The rising star in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka packs a big punch: ancient monastic ruins, exotic wildlife, rich culture, vibrant cities and sugar-sand beaches. Boasting the highest biodiversity in Asia, this small island nation is home to Asian elephants, leopards, the sloth bear, the rare loris and the endangered wild boar.

Rich cultural traditions are shared throughout the ethnic groups – the Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher and Malay – and the peoples of Sri Lanka are proud of their high literacy rates, advanced healthcare system and long life-expectancy. Navigating all there is to see and do with the help of a Travelguru will maximize your experience in this up-and-coming destination. Your Travelguru opens doors to private collections, sources the top specialist guides and has slept in all the best boutique hotels.

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