Ms H

New Zealand Guru

I’ve been visiting New Zealand every year for nearly a decade, and it still never gets old. From the natural beauty to the kindness of the locals, New Zealand is a very special place that I always want to escape to. I love helping other travelers experience this incredible country.

Of course, New Zealand offers countless opportunities to get your adrenaline running, from bungee jumping to underground tubing. But my favorite experiences here involve slowing down, spending a little extra time in places off the beaten track, and getting an authentic feel for the local way of life. The Kiwis are experts at savoring good food, good wine, and good company, all while soaking up some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.

My clients are drawn to New Zealand for the scenery, but I hope to take them a little further and help them get a true feel for Kiwi life. Whether it’s relaxing at a villa in Hawke’s Bay with views of the vines leading down to the ocean; taking a helicopter to the top of the Southern Alps for a snowball fight; or hiking to hidden waterfalls on the West Coast without a soul in sight, the experiences I arrange for clients are exclusive, inspiring, and completely unique.

Based in: USA
Preferred language: English
Market strengths: Luxury, Experiential, Multi-generational families, Adventure
Other Countries: Australia
Please note, this Guru has a minimum spend of US$8,000 per booking

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