The ancient and modern worlds do a surprising dance in Guatemala.

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A woman from a small village on Lake Atitlan wears a traditional huipil while walking down a cobblestoned street in Guatemala City, she passes walls tagged with progressive street art, gourmet restaurants pouring wines of the world, and food carts serving corn-on-the-cob to workers heading home. Beyond the City, in colonial Antigua cathedrals are built on the sites of former Maya temples, thick jungles surround Tikal’s pyramids where travelers from around the world gather to watch sunrise, and on the Caribbean, the Afro-Carib Garifuna people brings their rich musical culture to Guatemala’s coast.

New and old meet and mingle in Guatemala whether it be in Chichicastenango or San Juan la Laguna, and your Travel Guru opens doors to private museum collections, women’s weaving co-ops, hands-on cooking classes, archaeologist guides and endless insider-access experiences. Luxury villas, private homes available for exclusive use, authentic jungle lodges and chic boutique hotels provide a comfortable, welcoming base to explore this warm Central American country. This is not the Guatemala you expected.

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