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Scotland Guru

The rugged West Coast of Scotland and the Hebridean Islands are my ‘special place’ in Scotland. On a sunny day the beaches can be like the Caribbean…only empty and with wildlife close by. When the clouds roll in, there’s a romantic veil that hugs the mountains casting an atmospheric feel straight from an Outlander set.

Scotland is my home country, where I have lived most of my life and somewhere I am hugely proud of coming from. I’m passionate about our country’s rich history and vibrant culture. Scotland is like nowhere else on earth; home to whisky, golf, tartan and tweed to name but a few of our gifts to the world. I am a modern Scot, one with a real interest and true love of traditional Scotland. As a Travel Guru, I’m able to showcase the very best of Scotland to my clients, from world-renowned names, sites, hotels and courses, to lesser known hidden and secret gems that only the locals normally enjoy. Scotland is a very special, romantic place that surprises seasoned travellers and wow’s with its great charms. I hold the keys to a unique Scottish holiday experience and pass them to my clients through their itineraries…access to many of Scotland’s privatel- owned castles, audiences with people of local or national importance (Clan chieftains) and much more. 

I’ve been working in the tourism industry since 2008, designing holidays since 2010 with some of the UK’s top tour operators. I founded my company in 2014 to focus on the destinations I love and believe in. This has allowed me to create trips that I am hugely proud of and would love to go on myself. Having such an interest in the destinations I sell means it is never too much to go the extra mile for a client and create something truly special. I’m extremely well-connected throughout Scotland with the best hotels, experiences and guides. These connections mean that I can offer unique, real-life experiences that are authentic, not contrived. As a traveller, to be able to experience real life with special locals or guides in that area is what I understand to be ‘luxury’. This is how you can gain a real understanding of the places you visit and how you leave feeling you’ve made lasting friends. Your trip is tailor-made in the true sense of the word and if you have special interests we can discuss them, think laterally and plan a trip that will exceed your expectations of our small and beautiful country. 

Based in: Scotland
Preferred Language: English
Market Strengths: Luxury, Culture, History
Other Countries: Arctic/Svalbard

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