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Galapagos & Ecuador Guru

To me, the Galapagos is deep-water snorkeling around iconic Kicker Rock, a volcanic tuff cone that sits off the island of San Cristobal. Shafts of light slice aquamarine waters as you snorkel through walls of tropical fish, past sea lions and sea turtles, navigate around hammerhead sharks and spotted eagle rays – it’s a National Geographic underwater dreamscape come true. The Galapagos is hiking to the top of Bartolome Island – more than 300 steps up – leading to one of the many inspiring panoramic views in the archipelago. It’s otherworldly, like staring at a moonscape as you gaze over the ocean and beyond to nearby islands. These experiences, along with the Island’s focus on wildlife conservation practices – my background and passion – have drawn me to the Galapagos Islands over 14 times.

My life’s story is one of travel – I was born in the Philippines, moved to the United States when I was young, and later studied and worked in London for the BBC. After returning to the US, I directed the Philadelphia Zoo’s international wildlife conservation travel program for over a decade. I’ve now been a travel consultant for 29 years, but it was London that triggered my thirst to explore unfamiliar places.  Eventually my path led me to working as a tour operator specializing in Africa, then South America and specifically, the Galapagos Islands. I’ve traveled to all 7 continents, 70+ countries and in addition, I acted as a consultant and location scout for a 2013 Galapagos documentary, edited a best-selling Galapagos guidebook and am a continual source of Galapagos “intel” for travel writers and media.

In addition to my in-depth knowledge of the expedition ships, excursions on the islands and even the best place to enjoy a fresh ceviche with a harbor view, I have a knack for chatting with my travelers and really getting to know them. I’m able to develop an intimate understanding of their preferred travel style, budget and timeframe, and then match them with a Galapagos expedition ship and itinerary that best suits their needs. Before each trip departure, I call my clients and spend up to an hour going through every detail of their daily itinerary so they can be completely prepared for their adventure.

Based in: United States
Preferred language: English
Market Strengths: Adventure, Wildlife Conservation, Luxury travel
Other countries: Peru, Chile and Argentina

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