New Zealand

This wild and dramatic landscape – formed by tectonic movement and geographically isolated for millennia – is one that grew into a wilderness wonderland boasting impressive biodiversity.

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One of the last land masses on earth to be settled, New Zealand’s flora and fauna were greatly threatened by the arrival of humans, but today regional conservation efforts are working to preserve the island nations’ treasures, including the famous, flightless kiwi. The islands are widely known for its cuisine, vineyards, tramping trails, adventure activities and Maori culture, but thanks to easy access, excellent infrastructure and the lack of linguistic barriers for many travelers, New Zealand has become a popular travel destination.

With the help of your TravelGuru, you can uncover New Zealand as it should be experienced. Your TravelGuru spends time, a lot of time, in-country and discovers what’s new and what’s worthwhile in this constantly evolving destination.

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